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  1. Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions:

By downloading PS5Emux application, you are accepting and agreeing with the terms & conditions below.

This policy is made to protect us (authors of the emulator and its website) from illegal activities which might occur by usage of our software.

1. You are agreeing to use PS5Emux for personal and private usage only. It’s not allowed to use this software for any public demonstrations, such as streaming games on YouTube or other platforms. Please purchase a genuine PS5 console for that.

2. It’s not allowed to use PS5Emux for any commercial purposes, nor to sell its copies. It’s a freeware software. For those who wants to support the project and our developers, please send your donations trough emulator’s Donate section.

3. PlayStation 5 BIOS is an intellectual property of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. And because it’s available to download it trough PS5Emux’ built-in download system, you are allowed to use the emulator for personal entertainment only.

Usual Troubleshoots which some users may get:

Lacking of required Microsoft’s .NET Framework version.

If PS5Emux fails to start, it’s probably because your Windows doesn’t have required version of .NET Framework, which should be 4.6 or above. This mostly happens with Windows 7 or older operating systems.
Get latest .NET Framework from Microsoft’s official website.

Download PS5Emux:

Note: The first beta version v.1.0. has been closed from further usage and will no longer work. Thanks to everyone who decided to participate in testing it!

Download the latest PS5Emux version by clicking the button below.

OS OS Supported: Windows & macOS
(Mobile versions for Android & iOS are still under development)

Updated Last Update: 08 June, 2024.
Success Status: Operational